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Hocus Focus Films, Israel, providing production services for foreign production companies filming & shooting fiction films, TV dramas and commercials in Israel.

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  • Obtaining permissions to film at the required locations ASAP and at the lowest rates
  • Hiring the best available crew members - at the best possible rate.
  • Rental of equipment and accessories:
    Because of the volume of the work we do, we are able to offer the lowest rates, in addition to our responsibility - All under One Roof warranty.
  • Management of catering, security and lodging.
  • Coordination of all key players on the Israeli side, at time of production (i.e. grip, lighting, camera, wardrobe, - whatever!)

One of the main reasons to hire and work with a local fixer and a local production company is safety.

Since we specialize in working with foreign production companies filming and shooting in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, the issue of safety is first priority on our list, both political and production wise.

Since 1982 Hocus Focus Films has successfully completed over 50 productions in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt - in sensitive and non-sensitive areas - all with foreign production companies. These include feature films, documentaries, commercial, photo shoot, news coverage, uplink satellite broadcast.

We are fully familiar with all the elements and the key players and we can proudly say ALL our production ended with a satisfied client! To read some of what our clients had to say, please visit our reference section.

For example, we were the first and only production company who managed to film a 35MM German/Dutch feature film ("The Discovery of Heaven") inside the "Dome of the Rock" - the holiest place for Muslims in Jerusalem (Were Muhammad had supposedlydescended to heaven from that Rock according to the Koran).

This way we saved the Dutch production company $125,000 in post production budget!


We have a direct link to Israeli, Palestinian and other sources of intelligence which feeds us with real-time info.

  • All our travel routes for ALL productions goes through safe areas only.
  • the hotels we stay at are in the quietest and most secure part of Jerusalem.
  • Depending on location, we may stay at other safe hotels near bye.
  • All our key personnel, drivers and crew members are totally familiar with all production requirements and sensitivities.

    We assure you an excellent, safe and professional production!

To cut Red Tapes, achieve Green Lights, and avoid Blue Holes..
Contact a production house that can accommodate all your needs.

Hocus Focus Films, Israel
Providing comprehensive production services for foreign production companies filming and shooting in Israel

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