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employment of child actors

laws concerning the employment of israeli children under 16 are very strict, authorization is required.

some talent agencies are specialized for children and can offer a selection of kids for whom they already have a working permit. this is the best way to avoid a long and difficult process of authorization for child work permits.

requests for child work permits must be made to the head of social and health matters. several items are required for this application :

a committee will verify the morality of the role, the child's state of health, working conditions for the child ... and determines how much the child or his legal guardian(s) will receive in remuneration. his/her salary must be paid into an account overseen by the deposit office until the child reaches majority.

the prefect must notify the applicant of its decision within a month after receiving the application. it is important therefore, to make applications well in advance in case of refusal.

hours which may be worked are also limited and vary according to child's age.