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hocus focus films, israel, specializes in providing comprehensive production services for foreign production companies filming & shooting documentaries, fiction films, tv dramas, still photography and commercials in israel.
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custom : transport of equipment, rushes and more

* transport of equipment between israel and other states

working in israel with hocus focus films, we will call on a specialised freight agent to take care of transport and custom clearing upon your arrival and departure.

the ata carnet
the ata convention, signed by more than 30 countries including israel, aims to simplify temporary import and export operations between e.u. members and non-member states.

participating countries are : algeria, australia, bulgaria, canada, cyprus, czech republic, gibraltar, hong kong, hungary, iceland, mauritius, india, israel, japan, libya, malaysia, malta, new zealand, norway, poland, rumania, senegal, singapore, slovakia, slovenia, south africa, south korea, sri lanka, switzerland, thailand, turkey, usa

overseas territories: french polynesia, guadaloupe, guyana, martinique, new caledonia, reunion, wallis-&-futuna

the ata carnet allows for several border crossings in the course of a temporary import or export operation, such as a transport of equipment for a film shoot.

the carnet is issued by the chambers of commerce and industry or their equivalent in the country of origin (for example in the usa : united states council for international business), and is valid for a maximum of one year for an unlimited, but previously specified number of border crossings registered by the chambre of commerce.

final re-importation must take place within the carnet's period of validity and before the last re-importation date specified by customs in the counterfoil and export sections of the document. the carnet once used, must be returned to the chamber of commerce at the latest one month after expiration of its period of validity.


* transporting rushes

if the film was bought in israel :
since the film is developed abroad, exportation is permanent. the same rule applies to film bought in israel and send unexposed to the country of the production company's origin.

if the film comes from abroad : since film changes its status, because the negative support is exposed during a shoot, it cannot be regarded as temporary import.

this is why neg. rawstock can't be imported with an ata carnet. however, pending on the production needs, due to market limitation this can be chnged through hocus focus films.

if the film is processed in a israeli laboratory during shooting, at the end the positives, negatives and videos are sent back for permanent re-exportation.
if the film is used but not yet developed, re-exportation is again permanent.
for both cases some exportation paperwork must be done with a specialised freight agent.