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Documentary film production in Israel:

Hocus Focus Films was established in 1982. Since then we have enjoyed an international reputation as one of the leading documentary production houses in Israel.

Under the inspired leadership of Micha Kovler and his partner Lior Mordechai, an award-winning documentary film director Uriel Gal and an award winning director of photography Giora Bejach, Hocus Focus Films has produced numerous documentary productions.

These regard Social Issues, Current Affairs, History, Religion, Society and Archeology of Israel - all for international TV channels like National Geographic and the Discovery channel. We specialize in Filming in Jerusalem!

Some of the documentary films produced by us in Israel for foreign production companies include:

The Hocus Focus team includes some of best documentary film researchers, writers and cameramen. We also co-produce with local and foreign TV network and production houses. Our office is conveniently located in Jerusalem.

If you are planning to shoot documentary productions anywhere in Israel, let us know and we will assist. Please visit our testimonials section!