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Filming in Israel Warranty

Filming in Israel: Warranty

  • Hocus Focus Films guaranties to provide for the most appropriate locations needed for the production, and clear all permits from all bodies concerning that specific location.

  • Hocus Focus Films guaranties to find and rent the best available gear in the best condition throughout the production and according to the production needs. In additon, we will provide for replacement gear or proper maintenance If necessary.

  • Hocus Focus Films undertakes to hire the best crew members available at time of production. In addition we guaranty all heads-of-departments to be fluent in English.

  • Hocus Focus Films undertakes to provide the highest level of casting, line production, location Management, catering, security, lodging and all other production aspects.

  • Hocus Focus Films undertakes to assure a safe production in all respects, be it location, route or camp. We will provide the best lodging acording to budget, all in safe areas.

  • Hocus Focus Films undertakes to acheive the lowest rates available for the level of service we are committed to.

Signed by:

Micha Israel Kovler - General Manager
Hocus Focus Films, Israe
POB 109 Matta
Jerusalem 99870