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Filming Locations in Israel

For finding shooting or filming locations for films, TV and newspapers stories in Israel - Please Contact us. We specialize at hard-to-get locations, like army bases, religious compounds etc. Try us!

For writing a script regarding Israel, flying to Israel and filming at beautiful sights and sites, performing location scouting, finding and working with an Israeli filmmakers, fixer, or director of photography, producer, director or a line-producer, contacting a production company or companies, getting film and TV services in Israel, doing your post-production, buying Israeli films, please contact us: Hocus Focus Films, with Micha Israel Kovler as General Manger.

We will provide scripts, budgets, locations, fixer services, cast, crew, filming equipment or gear, video and film camera or cameras, line producing, post-production and all, for fiction films, commercials, TV, documentary, TV dramas, still photography and more - in Israel. We also provide fixer services for newspapers stories and other media needs.

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