Hocus Focus Films, Israel, specializing in providing comprehensive production services for foreign production companies filming & shooting documentaries, fiction films, TV dramas, still photography, Israeli film fixer, and TV commercials in Israel.
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Location scouting for films in IsraelShooting TV and arial photography in Israelshooting films and TV in Israel

Line production - step by step

  • Hiring the best available crew members - lighting director, cameraperson, assistantcameraperson, sound recordist, gaffer, grip etc.
  • Rental of equipment and accessories from HOCUS FOCUS films:
    Because of the volume of the work we do, we are able to offer the lowest rates, in addition to our responsibility - All under One Roof warranty.
  • Management of catering, security and lodging.
  • Coordination of all key players on the Israeli side, at time of production (i.e. grip, lighting, camera, wardrobe, - whatever!)

Gear rental

  • Hocus Focus Films will guaranty the equipment to be in the best condition.
    Because Israel is a relatively small market, some rental companies tend to over-use their equipment, neglecting to provide proper maintenance or replacement, if necessary.
    Hocus Focus Films guaranties rental and operation of the best available equipment throughout the production.

The Knowledge Base: Helpful Tips

Israel's film industry has undergone many phases and quite a few changes recently. We've managed to assemble some of the most helpful hints and ideas regarding filming in Israel.

some of this information is subject to change without notice.

For further assistance please contact films@focusfilms.com




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