35mm film. colour.
dolby stereo. 5 min.
coffee1s.jpg this film is about joe tarentino, a video tape editor, who while working in a digital editing room late at night, presses the wrong button.
what follows, is a documentation of an extraordinary event. coffee2s.jpg



producer :
director :
cast :
music :
camera :
narration :
script :
art :
editor :
line producer :
mickey kovler
mickey kovler
yair tamir, pnina shavit
yoav polachek & ilan etedgi
giora bejach
michael greenspan
naama wollberg
ada wardi
mickey kovler
pnina shavit


at two o'clock in the morning, joe tarantino, a video editor, was exhausted. and so he left this random access digital editing suite, to refresh himself. when he came back, assuming nothing had changed, he hit the "play" button. what follow, is the documentation of an extraordinary event. this is what happened, to joe tarantino. "joe, hello my son, this is your mother speaking" "if you're so tired, why don't you have a cup of coffee joe?" "yes, go ahead and try it, you'll like it!" although he suspected this was just a digital mother, she was still his digital mother. and so... he took her advice. "just one tea spoon, not two! you'll feel much better, even my mother says so!" at 2:05 in the morning, , our hero, joe tarantino, is having a cup of coffee. and, for the first time in his life, he's having it, with just one tea spoon of sugar. we're still not sure what caused this change in joe's behavior. was it the coffee? the sugar? or was it, his digital mother?


bombay international film festival

museum of contemporary art, marseilles, france