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the discovery of heaven

11fiction. 120 min. 35 mm film. colour.
produced by mulholland bv. - holland.
directed by jeroen krabbé

god has finally given up on humanity and has decided to break his covenant with them. in order to do that, the ten commandments must be returned to heaven.

a young angel is assigned to carry out this task. however, the angel can't just go to earth and pick them up. he needs a human intermediary, who is capable of finding the testimonium and willing to bring it back.
31the young angel instigates world war one and two, the cuban crisis and the vietnam war in order for the right people to meet, fall in love, and have children, who will in turn meet the right mates for them to have a child, and so on. all in order to ultimately create the chosen one.


crew & cast:

israeli line- producer :
associate producer :
production coordinator :
production assistant :
key gaffer :
key grip :
1st assistant cameraman :
art director :
casting director :
sound recordist :
wardrobe :
best boy :
grip :
production secratery :
secratery :
armourer :
legal advisor :
stills photografer :

wailing wall police woman :
wailing wall police man :

micha kovler
shai gani
bat-chen kovler
tal ram-on
avi dassberg
noam eizenberg
yehuda sar israel
eldad gindel
ilan zahler
eli yarkoni
hen karmi
slavi kanovich
moshe shabat
lital kimchi
oshrat ben-haroosh
sassy franco
adlai chumski
michal revivo

tali shalom-ezer
nadav lavi

production notes

following a phone conversation with mark, and regarding the fact that filming @ temple mount is not advisable on monday, 21.8.00, and other considerations, enclosed please find the proposed schedule for the jerusalem filming:

micha here is our proposal:

sunday 20.8.00
loading & unloading of grip & light gear at petra hotel in the evening. and putting the signs on the hotel as discussed with benedict.

monday 21.8.00
05:00 breakfast @ laromme hotel
05:30 leaving laromme hotel
06:00 on set petra hotel while they are prepping we
06.00-07.0 shoot the arrival scene of the taxi at jaffa gate (or if the light is not good yet we start with the rooftop scene and we come down around 10.00 o'clock for the arrival scene.

actors can come to set around 07.30 (so we have to discuss make up call with leendert and wardrobe. i will do that a s a p)liesbeth

12.00 - 13:00 break for lunch @ petra hotel

13:00 - 14:00 director + theo and a small crew goes to film the pov taxi which is best around midday for light. the rest can set up base camp at the check point booth actors move to wailing wall grip & light wrap @ petra hotel and go to check point booth

15:00 - 17:30 filming @ check point booth (wailing wall) (overtime will start at 17.30?

17:30 - 19:30 daylight still available. overtime for crew if needed.

tuesday 22.8.00

06:30 breakfast @ laromme hotel
07:00 leaving laromme hotel
07:30 on wailling wall prep the 3 shots
actors can come around 08.15 (make up & wardrobe call to be discussed) where are we coming to do make up? in the hotel or on location?)
09.00 start shooting the 3 shots as soon as the light is okay
10:30 - 11:00 company move to temple mount
11:00 - 17:30 filming @ temple mount

1. filming @ wailing wall and check point at best hours (sun & availability of booth)
2. keeping our chosen actress (tali) which is not available on tuesday.
3. filming the temple mount scenes mostly in the afternoon.

note to arnold:
it seems this way we save on the budget. awaiting your approval before final
calculations. what could the saving be? grip eq + light+ generator etc???

please let us know asap, if possible tonight.
micha kovler

hotel laromme production office tel numbers (relocating tommorow):
tel: 972-2-6756683
tel: 972-2-6756687
fax: 972-2-6756626

apparently in 1984 taxis in israel did not have a "taxi" sticker on both
doors - only the yellow sign on the roof. please advise asap.

yellow sign is fine it should be a white merceds with black interior


the discovery of heaven bv
jeroen krabbe, ate de jong, edwin de vries

discovery of heaven bv
duivendrechtsekade 74 1096 ah amsterdam
tel 00 31 (0) 20 665 00 58 fax 00 31 (0) 20 465 68 13
e-mail: aheslenfeld@cs.com

16th november 2000

to whom it may concern:

our recent production in israel, the filming of "the discovery of heaven", took place along a one month time line in september. due to the circumstances in jerusalem at the time, it was not only technically challenging, but was also requiring a very sensitive attention to political details and communication, being filmed on temple mount and in east jerusalem, with international cast and crew.

i would like to express my high gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered by hocus focus films, micha kovler, shai gani, and their production team furnished to us during filming. hocus focus films provided us with highly professional personnel and through 'near magic' (as implied by the company name) were highly successful in acquiring, securing and managing permission to film in the most difficult locations, such as temple mount, the wailing wall, east jerusalem market and such as.

since this was also an era film, hocus focus films' art division was able to fulfil the most outstanding and unique requirements of our art designer. not only we were filming in jerusalem - which is not an easy place to operate - we had the sense of the best security and professionalism available.

providing this level of service would not have been possible without the experience, knowledge, hard work and perseverance of mr. kovler and mr. gani.

i offer my highest recommendation for both micha and shai as well as the entire crew of hocus focus films, israel. for any assistance regarding your consideration of hocus focus films' services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

arnold heslenfeld
mullholand bv
the discovery of heaven

the discovery of heaven bv
jeroen krabbe, ate de jong, edwin de vries

discovery of heaven bv
duivendrechtsekade 74 1096 ah amsterdam
tel 00 31 (0) 20 665 00 58 fax 00 31 (0) 20 465 68 13
e-mail: aheslenfeld@cs.com