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Email form Director Emanuel Rotstein from the History Channel, Germany
June 1st, 2017
Shalom Micha, so great working with you and your crew. A wonderful experience. Looking forward to our next project in Israel, Thank you, Emanuel.

Email form Director Jeremy Freeston from Dragonshead productions, UK
April 21st, 2016
Wow Micha, really good shoot, thanks - good to see you again and to meet Yonatan, Rami and of course Amir. Bahajat and Haled were really good - we had an interesting morning and afternoon with them and I got some useful shots despite the tourist madness!

Email form Journalists Arild Olsson and Jarle Aasland from the Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

In November 2015, in a difficult and unstable period, Micha made it possible for us to visit closed Jewish communities on the West Bank. These smaller settlements are extremely difficult to approach for foreign journalists, but Micha made it happen. Despite our cultural, political and religious differences, Micha was a pleasure to work with. He has a great sense of humour and easy going attitude, important qualities when working together under difficult conditions. We will not hesitate to work with him again.

Arild Olsson and Jarle Aasland, Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway
Phone: +47 906 52 295
E-mail: jarle.aasland@aftenbladet.no

Email from Director Paul Verhoeven ("Total Recall", "Basic Instinct"):
"Dear Micha, The scenes in Israel look wonderful and add a completely new dimension to the movie.
Thank you so much for your efforts, pleasant attitude, and for the great crew that you provided.
I hope very sincerely to meet you again in the near future. Much Love, Paul Verhoeven

Email from John Wesley Chisholm - Creative Director, Arcadia Content - www.arcadiatv.com
The most exciting and the most fraught part of undertaking a global production is landing on the ground in a foreign place and needing to get to work quickly, efficiently and safely. Over the past 15 years and 300 hours of production my company has crossed the globe from the Arctic to the Cape of Good Hope many times.

Along the way we've depended on good-hearted, wise and experienced production services experts to help us get the job done. No one has done better work for us than Micha. Over several complicated projects in Israel, which required the most careful balance of communications, Micha has been a one-stop, 360 provider of location scouting, fixer services, permits, casting, line production and logistics, including negotiating the most delicate of social situations such that we left, not just with successful projects but friendships and relationships that have blossomed into new creative directions.

A great communicator, kind, transparent and accountable in all his dealings, I recommend Micha's thoughtful work very highly and I look forward to our next project with him.

Email from Jacques Hubinet - Films du Soleile, Marseille, France
What I could say is that we were very welcome by Micha's crew, and that he well made all the political authorizations for us. All that job was really nicely handled even when we had to redo the Mosque scenes. You were of a great help to show how
we had to deal with the different authorities to obtain new admission certificates.
Thanks also for the quality of the equipment we ask to gather, the professionalism of our guides, Israelis and Palestinians. Thank you for the cosy hotel and the nice pick up and back to the airport.

All the best,

From: vincent.matthu@gmail.com
Vincent MatthuBMG Gallery spr, Belgium
TVA: 476 885 256
contact: Vincent Matthu, gerant
0032 474 618 416

Dar Micha
Happy, happy end..
I also get the info from the agency &they are totally satisfied with the images!
have a good day..
the images looks really great; i'll send you later the final choice.
Thank you for everything!!!
I will promote your company to belgian productions...

On 23/12/2012, at 22:21, Melinda Simon wrote:
Hello Micha,

My name is Melinda Simon and I am a freelance producer in the Seattle area, crrently working on a Microsoft production.

Ann Coppel in Seattle provided me with your contact info. Said you were an excellent resource for production in Israel. She worked with you a number of years ago on an Intel project.

I am hoping that you can help me out with my upcoming project!

Project: Microsoft Families
Production company: PBJS www.pbjs.com located in Seattle.
please let me know,


In October, I was told to schedule a trip to Israel to accompany a group of buyers from our home office who had scheduled a buying trip there. I was to photograph them interacting with their counterparts and to additionally photograph lifestyle at different locations within the country.

I was told that a driver had been arranged but I went looking for a location scout with production experience. A Google search led me to Micha Kovler and his company. After exchanging a few e-mails and finally a telephone call, I gave Micha a list of needs for photography and arranged to meet him the second day in-country.

Thanks to Micah's professionalism and knowledge of the areas I needed to see, I was able to photograph from places such as city roof tops that would have been completely out of bounds had I been on my own.

Micah's knowledge of traffic patterns, sun position, and access to camera positions made my trip a success.

Anyone in need of location scouting, location production, or any kind of assistance where access and timing are critical for photography or cinematography, Micha and his company can make your project a success. To top it off, Micha is a great traveling companion.

Thanks Micha!

Best regards,
Frank Meeker - Photographer
Western Stone & Metal
Denver, CO USA

Jeroen Krabbe, Ate de Jong, Edwin de vries

discovery of heaven bv
duivendrechtsekade 74 1096 AH Amsterdam
Tel 00 31 (0) 20 665 00 58 fax 00 31 (0) 20 465 68 13
e-mail: fdutchman@breathemail.net

To Whom It May Concern:

Our recent production in Israel, the filming of "The Discovery of Heaven", took place along a one month time line in September. Due to the circumstances in Jerusalem at the time, it was not only technically challenging, but was also requiring a very sensitive attention to political details and communication, being filmed on Temple Mount and in East Jerusalem, with international cast and crew.

I would like to express my high gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered by Hocus Focus Films, Micha Kovler, Shai Gani, and their production team furnished to us during filming. Hocus Focus Films provided us with highly professional personnel and through 'near magic' (as implied by the company name) were highly successful in acquiring, securing and managing permission to film in the most difficult locations, such as Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, East Jerusalem market and such as.

Since this was also an era film, Hocus Focus Films' art division was able to comply with the most outstanding and unique requirements of our art designer, Mr. Benedict Schillemans. Not only we were filming in Jerusalem - which is not an easy place to operate - we had the sense of the best security and professionalism available all around.

Providing this level of service would not have been possible without the experience, knowledge, hard work and perseverance of Mr. Kovler and Mr. Gani.

I offer my highest recommendation for both Micha and Shai as well as the entire crew of Hocus Focus Films, Israel. For any assistance regarding your consideration of Hocus Focus Films' services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Arnold Heslenfeld
Mullholand BV
The Discovery of Heaven

Jeroen Krabbe, Ate de Jong, Edwin de vries

discovery of heaven bv
duivendrechtsekade 74 1096 AH Amsterdam
Tel 00 31 (0) 20 665 00 58 fax 00 31 (0) 20 465 68 13

e-mail: fdutchman@breathemail.net

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express my elation and gratitude for the services that Micha Kovler and his production team provided us during our recent production in Israel.

Our three phase production took place along a six month time line and was not only technically challenging, it was also on the other side of the world very far from our in-house support. Mr. Kovler provided us with topnotch personnel and also played a major role in acquiring very difficult locations.

As our production's climax was to take place on new years eve 2000, location was critical. We not only were in one of the most sought after places in the world; we also had the best location and frame composition. The acquisition of this location would not have been possible without the knowledge, negotiation tactics and perseverance Mr. Kovler brought to our table.

I offer my highest recommendation for Micha as well as the entire crew of Youth-link 2000, Israel.
If I may offer any assistance regarding your consideration of Micha Kovler's services, please do not hesitate to call upon me.

Alan Rogers
Technical Operations Manager
Crawford Satellite and Production Services
A division of Crawford Communications


(US) 404.876.7149

Crawford reference Letter

The Tel-Aviv Cinemateque
4 Haarbaa Street

Docaviv, the international documentary film festival, took place on 21-26/4/00
Throughout the pre-production process and during the festival, Micha Kovler’s support and assistance have been more than words can say:

He was a member in the final selection committee of the films,
coordinated and edited trailers for our workshops and ceremonies,
hosted a few festival guests in Q&A,
and more!

using his charm talent and contacts Micha helped us accomplish many difficult tasks and peacefully performed every request.


Ronit Bar-Ilan
Executive Producer
Docaviv Festival